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Pastor: Josh Swinea

I graduated from Batesville High School in 2001.  After High School, I attended Arkansas State University. During my freshman year, I felt God calling me into ministry. I resisted at first, but finally promised God that if He would give me peace, I would do anything He wanted. I have a passion for loving people and challenging them to apply the truth of scripture to their everyday life.


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Youth: Brandon Weaver





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Secretary: Kathy Stobaugh

I became a child of God at the young age of 12. I have lived my life knowing he has never been very far away from me.  I got married very young and had two boys, Jason and Jody Tosh. I was unequally yoked to my first husband, and knew he would never go to church with me. After much prayer and unhappiness, we divorced.  I met Danny a year later and we were married very quickly. A year later we had our daughter, Katrina.  Danny and I have drug our children to church every time the doors were open. I raised my kids to love the Lord. Our marriage has never been easy, but we can always agree that we love our Lord. I enjoy helping others whenever I can and serve him whenever I am able. 


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